Cambatta Digs Deep on New Single "Crown of Thorns"

If you haven't heard of Cambatta, stop reading this and look him up—now.

I first heard of Batta through his affiliation with Nino Bless and Third Floor. At the time, he had just dropped his 2013 project Smoke & Mirrors: The Porch. It only took once listen to get me hooked.

Nearly half a decade later, Cam somehow continues to get even better. His latest single "Crown of Thorns" is a 4-minute barrage of bars over punchy production. If you're not a fan of the overly esoteric, God-level Cambatta, don't worry—there are still plenty of punchlines to enjoy: 

"I'ma roll a quarter, get to fuckin' on your only daughter / If the hoe tell, I'ma go Rwanda"

Batta also mentions having "the imagination of a seven-and-a-half-year-old." From some of the bars I've heard, that sounds about right to me.

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Listen to/buy Cambatta's last project, Smoke & Mirrors: DMT here.


Quincey White's "The 7" Is a Master Class in Bars and Storytelling


Armed with a fresh moniker and the lyrical prowess we’ve come to expect, Quincey White (formerly known as DUBB) dropped off his latest project The 7 last week. This is the first project we’ve seen from the Los Angeles rapper since his 2015 mixtape Perfect Timing.

Quincey achieves a rare combination in today’s game. He packs each song with intricate, well-crafted bars and important messages, yet still manages to make music that sounds good. Every. Single. Time.

Thankfully, Quincey didn’t miss a beat with this one. Although this EP is just seven songs and 27 minutes long, it leaves a lasting impression and has tons of replay value. The only listed guest you’ll find on The 7 is Jake&Papa, one of the most sonically pleasing R&B duos and frequent collaborators of Mr. White.

If you’re only gonna check out one song—which really isn’t the move with this tape—it has to be “Hope,” a compelling storytelling track where Q explores the story of a young girl named Hope who grew up in a toxic, drug-infested environment with dreams of escaping it. As she gets older, though, she’s forced to make tough decisions with serious consequences, leading her to a life she thought she’d left behind long ago.

This one definitely gets my stamp of approval.

Buy The 7 or listen on Apple Music here.

Listen to The 7 on Spotify here.